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Ashemad Emergency Embankment works

Ashmead was a site that created 2 failures between October 2019 and May 2020, with the nearest 2 lines being closed for
emergency repairs.

NW Rail worked 24/7 to repair the embankment over a 12 day closure in 2019 and a 10 day closure in May 2020. Over 7900 hours
were worked to repair the failed sections.

Site team mobilised within 12hours, with plant and staff to create haul road and piling mats. A combined total of 120 piles 11-
13mtrs were installed and 6000T 6N fill placed to stabilise embankment.

Once open in June 2020 an additional 350mtrs was remitted to stop any future failure. 583 additional Gu32 13mtr long sheet
piles were installed around 132000V power lines making this a particularly challenging site with drainage and 25000T regrade
completed on embankment. The site was then reinstate to original condition and work complete by June 2021.
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